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Peripheral Joint Injection

For patients experiencing pain in their shoulder, hip, knee, or other joint, a peripheral joint injection can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve movement. These injections provide temporary relief that may last a few weeks or several months.

Trigger Point Injection

Forming where a muscle is strained or injured, a trigger point is a small contraction knot in a muscle that can sometimes be felt under the skin. The trigger point is a hard contraction in surrounding muscle fibers and is very tender to the touch that may trigger pain at a distant site. Especially susceptible to trigger points are those muscles around the shoulder blades because these are more injury prone than other muscles.

If the physiatrist determines that the cause of a patient’s muscle pain is one or more trigger points, he may decide to use Trigger Point Injections to treat them. Injecting these painful spots can help relieve pain by relaxing the muscle. The treatment may also make mobility and movement easier. After the treatment, proper exercises may be able to strengthen the muscle to help it heal.

It is possible for any muscle in the body to develop one or more trigger points, and several injections may be needed in each to provide relief. Thus, the process of receiving injections may require multiple sessions and how quickly a patient responds varies from patient to patient.

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Trigger Point Injection

Radiofrequency Ablation for Treatment of Facet Pain

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a treatment that uses radio waves to destroy the ability of nerves to transmit pain signals to the brain. The radio waves generate heat around the targeted nerve, causing an ablation to occur. At Appalachian Physical Medicine, this treatment is used for treating pain in lumbar and cervical spinal regions after positive results from a Medial Branch Block indicate those nerves as the source of pain.

This treatment may provide anywhere from six months to two years of relief before nerve regeneration occurs.

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Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure